Social Media Posts

An example of a Facebook event page design. The image shows a Facebook event post with an image of a house and a notice of foreclosure. Over the image is text with details about one of the Center's upcoming foreclosure prevention clinics

Scroll down to see examples of social media posts I’ve created over the years.

I’ve been managing social media for nonprofits since the early days of Facebook. This work includes writing and designing educational posts and graphics, event promotion, advocacy calls to action, fundraising posts, general organizational news, curating content to share (news articles, partner organization posts, etc.), live-tweeting events, and responding to audience comments and messages. I also have some experience writing and setting up social media ads.

As a consultant, I not only help my clients with creating social media content, but also with developing their social media strategy and calendars, measuring the impact of their social media efforts, and staying on top of best practices. Learn more about my services here.

Below are just a few examples of posts I’ve created over the years for clients and employers. Click on any image to view a larger version with details.