What I Do

I can serve as a strategist, sounding board, or just an extra pair of hands who helps take some of the work (and stress) off your plate. 

I’m available to work by the project or on retainer. 


writing & Storytelling

Client stories, donation appeal letters, blog posts, annual reports, website content, newsletters… you name it, I’ve probably written it. Whether you need a few lines of copy for a brochure, stories for your annual report, or a blog post on an important issue, I understand how to tell a powerful story that illustrates your impact and inspires action. I take an ethicalanti-racist approach to storytelling that is respectful of clients and communities. Throughout my career, I have helped nonprofits raise over $2.5 million through grants, individual fundraising appeals, and special events. 

Email Marketing

I can help you keep in touch with donors, advocates, volunteers, and clients to inspire giving, advocacy, and loyalty. You can hire me to develop and write the content, or simply provide it to me to format and send.

Social Media

The continued growth of social media has created huge potential for nonprofits and businesses to grow their audiences and strengthen current relationships… but it’s also a LOT to keep up with. Let me help!

Web Design & Maintenance

Are you making the most of your biggest marketing asset? Let’s keep your website fresh by updating content regularly. I can also help you learn more about who’s visiting your site, how they’re using it, and where improvements might be helpful through your site analytics. Still rockin’ a site from 2010 that has had “too many cooks in the kitchen”? Let’s build a new one! 

Media Relations

Media relations can help establish you as a thought leader in your field, raise awareness and understanding of your cause, build public support for policy change, and increase trust among potential clients and donors. I’ll identify reporters who are interested in your work, draft targeted pitches and press releases, and help get your story told to the public.

Strategy & Planning

Maybe you’re feeling OK about using the tactics listed above, but it kinda feels like you’re winging it in terms of the when and why – the strategy. Let’s get clear on your goals, target audiences, key messages, and what makes you unique. Together, we can build a realistic plan that connects your communications efforts to your organization’s larger goals. 


Need something else communications-related? Here are a few other things I’ve learned how to do over the years: