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Hi! I’m Shannon. I help nonprofits and mental health providers share their stories with the world. 

Shannon Houston, communications consultant for nonprofits and mental health providers, is standing in front of green bushes and trees, arms crossed and smiling. She is a white woman in her 30s. She is wearing a navy blue blazer over a striped shirt.

With over 15 years of experience in nonprofit communications and an educational background in writing and social work, I have the skill, subject matter knowledge, and passion to help nonprofits and mental health providers alike share their stories, reach more clients, raise more money, and change the world

My mission is to help you achieve yours – through better communications.

What I Do

I’m a communications consultant for nonprofits and mental health providers. I can serve as a strategist, sounding board, or just an extra pair of hands who helps take some of the work (and stress) off your plate.

Email Marketing

Let me help you keep in touch with donors, advocates, volunteers, and clients and inspire giving, advocacy, and loyalty.

Writing & Storytelling

Client stories, blog posts, annual reports, website content, newsletters... I understand how to tell a powerful story that illustrates your impact and inspires action while respecting the people and communities you work with.

Web Design & Maintenance

I'll keep your website fresh by updating content regularly, fixing broken links, and removing outdated info. Still rockin' a site from 2010? Let's build a new one!

Social Media

Randomly posting on social media when you can? Need a strategy that will help you reach your goals? Or just need to get started? I can help.

Media Relations

I will identify reporters who are interested in your work, draft targeted pitches and press releases, and get your story told to the public.

Strategy & Planning

I can review your current communications efforts and help you build a realistic, strategic communications plan.

My work

Shannon Houston, communications consultant for nonprofits and mental health providers, sits working at her computer in front of a window. The monitor has many sticky notes on it!

I've been in your shoes.

Spent hours trying to fix the formatting of a website or e-newsletter, banging my head against the desk.

Randomly posted on social media because I knew I should, but didn’t have time to develop a real strategy or post consistently.

Sent out a press release to a giant list of reporters and crossed my fingers that someone would bite.

And even after I learned how to do all those things… there just wasn’t enough time to get it all done.

I get it. I've been there.
And now I'm here to help you!